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The Solution

After market cell phone button guards to reduce these problems:
Button Guard Kits

SACC (Stop Accidental Calls) and owner Dale Lissner have Patented "after market" cell phone button guard kits which are now available for your 1995 through 2002 open face cell phones. Easily applied peel and stick 3M rubber 1/16" O rings fit around the "redial" and/or the "speed dial 911" number 9 button. Application of the ring prohibits accidental bumping etc. which will activate the "redial the last number called" which of course allows the party called to "eves drop" and listen in on your private conversations plus ties up your line from receiving incoming calls for as long as it takes for you to realize what you have involuntarily done. And worse yet you may accidentally bump the preprogrammed "9" button which calls 911 dispatch and ties up their lines (and they can also listen to your private conversations).

Placing calls accidentally can be costly because your cellular phone may be using up valuable minutes in your calling plan without you even knowing it. Many cellular companies charge high rates for additional minutes beyond what is specified in the plan. Using a kit on your phone will prevent these costly charges and can save hundreds monthly on both your phone and other phones that you may accidentally call.

Stop Accidental Call Kits also make wonderful gifts for anybody who owns a cellular telephone. Kits are inexpensive, yet they can save the recipient lots of money.

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Email us at Sacc911solutions@aol.com

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Quit dialing emergency numbers mistakenly with our products. This can save some real money.